The Department of physical education


Head of the Department: candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Irina G. Kalintseva


Address: Vladimir, PR-t Stroiteley, d. 11

Housing 7

Tel: 8 (4922)33-86-20

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The history of the Department of physical education


The Department of physical education Vladimir state pedagogical Institute. P. I. Lebedev-Polyansky was formed in 1964 in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR on the creation of pedagogical universities in Russia chairs of physical education instead of physical education rooms, which at that time solved the problems of physical education of students-teachers.

The first head of the Department was the oldest employee of the office of physical education Institute, veteran of physical culture, senior lecturer Konstantin Maksimovich Petrov. The Institute at that time occupied the only building located at the Golden Gate. Sports base of the University was a gym on the third floor and a small Playground in the courtyard of the building. In 1966 a new academic building was launched on 11 Stroiteley Ave., where since then the chair of physical education has been located. The Department has a new gym and sports halls, pretty impressive for that time for its size (27х12м), as well as a stadium with gerevini tracks, formerly known as "Labor reserves".

From 1968 to 1971 the Department was headed by candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor, master of sports in gymnastics – Sablin albert A.

From1971 to 1976 the chair was headed by the candidate of pedagogical Sciences, the associate Professor Kobyakov Yury Pavlovich where actively was engaged in scientific work which allowed it, finally, to protect the doctoral dissertation devoted to innovative improving technologies of the higher school.

Since 1976, the Department was headed by senior lecturer, master of sports of the USSR in football Valery Svintsov.

In addition to the above-named heads, at different times the chair was headed Basakin Vasily Ivanovich master of sports in swimming, who later became doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, head of the Department of gymnastics and games of the faculty of physical culture, Grinevich Stefan Fedorovich - candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor, Dean of the faculty of physical culture of the present Vladimir state humanitarian University.

From 1989 to 2011 the chair was headed by the candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Stepanov Anatoly Yakovlevich.

Since 2012, the Department is headed by Irina Kalintseva Ph. D., associate Professor.


Educational activity


The main directions of work of the Department in modern conditions are strengthening of health of students, education of habits and needs in healthy style and way of life, physical self-improvement, regular physical culture and sports. The Department pays special attention to professional and pedagogical training of students, determining their psychophysical readiness for the future profession of teacher. This work is carried out in the form of training sessions of various sports orientation. The same purpose is to teach students about their interests in various sports sections and to hold a complex Universiade in 11 sports.

The chair lives traditions of mentoring, cohesion, mutual respect and assistance to each other, creative approach to physical education and strengthening of students ' health.


The Department conducts teaching of academic disciplines:

- "Physical education and sport»,

- Elective courses in physical education»,

on directions of preparation:

- 37.03.01 " Psychology»,

- 44.03.01 " Pedagogical education»,

- 44.03.03 " Psychological and pedagogical education»,

- 44.03.03 "Special speech pathology education»,

- 44.03. 05 " Pedagogical education»,

- 54.03.01 " Design»,

-54.03.04 " Restoration»,

- 44.05.01 "Pedagogics and psychology of deviant behavior".

For the preparation of highly qualified personnel, the Department opened postgraduate studies in the direction 44.06.01 "General pedagogy", under the guidance of doctor of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Kobyakov Yu. p.


Postgraduate study


The Department under the guidance of doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Y. P. Kobyakov, the second year of graduate study, the VMT A.V. Lovchev. Thesis: "the Structure and content of the training process weightlifters heavyweight category in the Olympic training cycle."


Research work


Recently, the staff of the Department in full conducts research work on the topic:"Monitoring the physical development and physical fitness of University students." As part of this topic Yu.p. Kobyakov published a monograph, a textbook "Healthy lifestyle of a modern student" and, in addition, a large number of articles in various, including Central, editions. Kobyakov Yu. p. manages the work of PhD students at the Department of pedagogy. In the framework of the "Days of science of our University" from 2015, the Department organizes the work of the section called" Modern improving technologies in the field of physical culture at the University."

Within the framework of the Cathedral theme: "ways to optimize the content of the educational process on physical education in high school", teachers collect the actual material, namely the monitoring of physical development and physical fitness of students of 1-3 courses PI, IIHO, GI VlSU.

Collected during the observation of the actual material forms the basis of scientific articles and teaching AIDS.

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